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Why use CodeStart?

CodeStart gives a university-level coding education to the absolute beginner. Our interactive approach to teaching includes videos, quizzes and in-browser exercises with real time feedback. There is no need for extra software to be downloaded, CodeStart is an all-in-one solution.


Interactive videos that break down key concepts for students to easily understand.


Practice what you've learned, with our interactive coding exercises.


Track your progress, earn badges, and level up as you complete each lesson and gain more knowledge.


Create your own pathway to success. The only way to truly learn how to code is by doing it!

Why learn C first?

Learning the C programming language will ensure that your students are on a guided pathway for college and career readiness. This language will help your students develop problem solving and critical thinking skills by engaging in every area of STEM. Through our guided curriculum, your students will learn the best practices of coding and will be equipped to build the world of the future!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to give the absolute beginner a university level coding education in a fun, easy, and affordable way. We believe the world has changed, access to technology is for everyone today.